Turbin Angin Robot Mengganggu Raksasa Minyak

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Turbin Angin Robot Mengganggu Raksasa Minyak

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Can a Man Own the Wind?

Can you own the wind? Can you buy it? Does it only blow in select countries? Does the wind settle only in the League of Arab States? or does it prefer “mighty” first world countries to developing nations? According to the Energy Information Association, 69% of the world’s oil is produced by 10 nations including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Canada. But unlike Oil & Natural Gas wind energy is not constrained to any one particular place or any preferential country. The wind blows from the four corners over the entire Earth.

Manufacturing and production are the backbones of a country’s growth and wind technology is the game-changer that is now able to level the playing field among manufacturing nations. And Hey! to the countries that counted themselves out and left manufacturing to Germany, the United States of America, Japan, or the so-called manufacturing giant China, new technologies from the KB Group now means that low-cost production can happen anywhere at any time. Simply put, manufacturing needs energy, and using our advanced robotic wind technology we are providing power in the most remote neck of the woods.

How the Robotic Wind Turbine™ is Empowering the World!

Dan apa artinya ini bagi Anda, negara berkembang, petani kecil, pemilik rumah berpenghasilan menengah dengan beberapa ide bisnis?

Being able to produce means that you are able to sell and being able to sell means that you are able to earn and you being able to earn makes us happy, very happy. And we don’t want you to earn in one hand and spend it all on oil importation or expensive energy generation in the other. We want you to earn and leave an inheritance for your children! Using our the Robotic Wind Turbine™ renewable energy solutions you can maximize your margins and not only be competitive but profitable, very profitable. Take the time out to check out our Global Vision, this is who we are, this is what we stand for. We love Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and all the ‘giants’ in today’s energy and production context but we are keen on spreading the dough and allowing the average Joe to expand his basket. Ahhh, As it is in heaven, so it shall be on earth.

A televised introduction to the robotic wind turbine by our multibillionaire CEO Kimroy Bailey.

The Kimroy Bailey Group® has developed a robotic wind technology capable of harnessing wind into usable electrical energy even in extremely low wind territories. This technology allows over 38% of low wind areas across the globe with wind velocity too low to produce enough energy to now justify an investment in wind technology.

Tujuan dari turbin angin robot kami adalah untuk memungkinkan turbin angin berukuran kecil hingga mega dapat menghasilkan energi dalam jumlah besar bahkan pada kecepatan angin yang rendah. Ini secara signifikan membuka sejumlah negara dengan angin rendah, kota, provinsi, lingkungan dan tempat-tempat yang dapat digunakan turbin angin kami untuk menghasilkan energi. Tangkap keinginan kita?

Why does the Kimroy Bailey Group® care about energy?

Let’s Address the Elephant!

We are a hybrid company that pairs renewable energy products (Solar & Wind) with Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and sensor technology. We are inventors and manufacturers ourselves with multiple products currently on the market, under our umbrella of companies. When you are taking products from Research and Development, Design, Prototype, Beta Testing, through to Mass Manufacturing you feel the pinch of electrical expenses every step of the way. Had it not been for renewable energy solutions integrated into our business model many of our products would have just stayed as ideas and we too would succumb to the constantly increasing electricity costs.

Sebagai pabrikan yang menggunakan teknologi digital dalam ruang Energi Terbarukan dan Robotika, kita tahu kerasnya yang dihadapi pabrikan lain - jadi kita bisa berbicara di toko. Setelah Anda berproduksi dengan kapasitas tinggi, biaya energi menjadi perhatian utama dengan sangat cepat. Setiap produsen massal dalam industri apa pun akan memberi tahu Anda bahwa pembuatan dan pembuatan produk, barang & jasa perdagangan dan mengangkutnya ke seluruh dunia, membutuhkan energi, banyak energi.

So why is the energy sector still a Dinosaur when compared to all the strides being made in the Tech space?

The business model of oil giants is to simply sell oil and live off the profits; no need to innovate, no need to propel renewables. The irony is, every year researches are published indicating a time stamp on the world’s oil supply, these companies see the evidence as one oil field closes after the other. The answer has always been in front of them, God created both the wind and sun on the first day of creation, these natural resources will always be with us. Its time we utilize the resources of Heaven to advance all mankind, not just the wealthy. When 10 countries supply 70% of the world’s oil then they hold the fate of the other 185 countries in their hand. They can set prices, control markets, and dictate trades. So why innovate, why change, why evolve?

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is here to spark the evolution, our goal is to ensure that the cost of energy for manufacturers is as affordable as possible. Today’s factories have fancy machinery for digital manufacturing but old, archaic methods of generating electricity. We are playing the leading role in diversifying the options available for electricity power- away from mainly oil & gas.

Inilah sebabnya kami membangun perusahaan kami di sekitar dua sektor Energi Terbarukan dan Robotika. Lengan tubuh kelompok kami, Energi Terbarukan dan Robotika bekerja bergandengan tangan untuk mengatasi sektor energi dinosaurus tua yang dibangun di atas minyak sejak revolusi industri pada 1760-an dan menyeretnya ke abad ke-21. Dan coba tebak? Ini bukan visi 20 tahun, ini hari ini, ini SEKARANG!

We acknowledge that there have been strides and there will continue to be strides made in the energy sector to reduce the cost of electrical power. But it has not been fast enough. The wind turbine as is was invented by sailors in the 1600s and 4 centuries later not much has changed. We need bigger visions, think renewable energy powered ships, planes, entire countries powered exclusively by our wind and solar technologies. The Kimroy Bailey Group® is here to not only accelerate the pace of the renewable industry but to ensure it is affordable to the consumer. Our newest product the robotic wind turbine will not only revolutionize the wind industry but remove the barrier to entry for manufacturers and homeowners to get on board and power their properties with the wind.

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